WordPress Migration Service


Hassle-Free WordPress Migration

We offer hassle free wordpress migration service to help you move your wordpress site efficiently and without any downtime, to a new host or new domain or both.

Moving your site to a new hosting?

If you are switching your hosting company, you will need to move your wordpress site to your newly selected hosting. We can help you with this task without any downtime or errors. Get your site transferred in 3 working days or Your Money Back.

To move your wordpress install and ensure every thing is running smoothly and without any downtime, we will require some login info from your side, this includes cpanel info of your previous host, cpanel info of new host and wordpress login details. After your order we will guide you about the process of smooth transfer without downtime.

Changing the domain name for your WordPress site?

If you are moving your WordPress website to a new domain, we can help. Changing domain name is a simple process, if you require professional support in order to get every thing right, we can help.

We will just need the login details to your domain registrar and your WordPress login details–we can handle the rest. If you’d like us to change the domain name on your WordPress website, you can request a quote here.


How long will the transfer take?

Your wordpress website transfer will take about 2 to 3 business days from the time that you submit your login details to us. We will make sure your site is transferred in 3 working days or we refund you.

Will my all of my plugins and themes be okay?

Yes, every thing will be working. We will create a mirror image of your site on your new hosting provider or domain name. All of your plugins, themes, and uploads will remain intact.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, if we fail to meet our deadline, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

Will my login details remain secure?

We take care of your data very seriously and no one outside of our migration team will have access to your data. If you’re still worried about exposing your login details, you can change your passwords to a temporary password before we transfer your site. After transfer we will inform you and you can change your password.

How it works?

Click on the button, you will be taken to paypal secure site for making payment. After paying click on “return to merchant”, and then send us the details. We will work out the transfer and will get back to you.